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How Do I Add A Predefined Search To My WordPress Site?


On the page/post you want to add listings to:

  1. From the “Visual” tab
  2. Click the “mRP Logo”


In the pop up, if prompted:

  1. Type in your Email Address
  2. Type in your Password


In the next pop up:

  1. Click “Listing Groups”
  2. Select the “Searches” tab
  3. Select the Pre Defined Search you want to show
  4. Click “Generate Shortcode”


In the shortcode pop up:

  1. Copy the Shortcode
  2. Click Close
  3. Close the window


On the wordpress page/post:

  1. Paste in the shortcode
  2. Publish/Update your page

You can only select 1 Predefined search per embed code

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