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How Do I Add My Sitemap To Bing?

Your xml sitemap file is automatically created by the myRealPage system. You can find your sitemap at http://yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml

Click here to go directly to the Bing Account sign up


Sign Up For A Bing Account:

  1. Add your name
  2. The username is your email address (Or you can sign up for a new email account)
  3. Add a password
  4. Re-type your password
  5. Select your region
  6. Enter your postal code
  7. Enter your birthdate
  8. Select your gender
  9. Enter your Country code for your phone number
  10. Enter your phone number
  11. Type the captcha code
  12. Check the box if you want to recieve promo newsletters
  13. Click create account



An email will be sent to the Username (email provided)

  1. If the email doesnt make it, click Resend email

Click the link in the email to verify the account


Once Verified:

  1. Click ok to continue onto the account

Click here to go to the Bing Toolbox Webmaster


In The Bing Toolbox:

  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Click Add

Fields with a * are mandatory, the rest of the fields are optional.


From The Add A Site Page :

  1. Enter the location of your sitemap. http://yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml
  2. Select when you think your recieve the most traffic to your site
  3. Check the box if you want to receive Bing emails about the stats of your site
  4. Choose how often you would like the communications if you chose yes
  5. Select all the alerts you would like to recieve in the emails from Bing
  6. Click Save


From The Verify Domain Page:

  1. Under option 2, copy the line in the grey bar

On a mac, copy is command + C, and on a PC it is CRTL + C


  1. Enter the URL private-office.myrealpage.com
  2. Enter your username (the email address you used when signing up)
  3. Enter your password (which you chose during the sign-up process)
  4. Click Login


From the Dashboard:

  1. Click the “Website” tab
  2. Click “All Web Pages”


In The Sidebar:

  1. Cick on “Advanced Settings”


On The Advanced Settings Page:

  1. Paste your code under “Custom content in the section”
  2. On a mac, paste is command + V, and on a PC it is CRTL + V

  3. Click save


Back On The Verify Domain Page:

  1. Click veryify

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