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How Do I Change My Email MX Records?


Lets figure out if we control your Records:

If your email is handled by myRealPage then skip to step 3.If you are unsure who controls your Email MX records, then we need to determine who has control of your MX Records.

Enter your name in the field below. Once entered, click “Check Domain”.


On the WhoIs Page:

  1. Check the nameservers


Who to contact:

If the nameservers are set to NS1.MYREALPAGE.COM & NS2.MYREALPAGE.COM then then it is most likely that myRealPage handles your MX records. You will need to either send an email to support@myrealpage.com or go to the live chat and request the changes to be made.

If your nameservers are not set to NS1.MYREALPAGE.COM & NS2.MYREALPAGE.COM then we may not have control over your records, you can still ask us and we are more than happy to try to figure out where your email may be hosted.

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