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How Do I Change My Old Technology Provider To myRealPage For An Existing DDF Feed?


Log into tools.realtorlink.ca

    Go to tools.realtorlink.ca

  1. Select your Board or Association from the drop down
  2. Enter your User I.D.
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click Sign In



Create the DDF feed

  1. Click the DDF link
  2. Click Create/Edit Data Feeds
  3. Click the link



Data Feeds Screen

  1. Click + Add a Data Feed



Data Feeds Screen

  1. Choose “National Shared Pool”
  2. Select that you will be engaging a 3rd party Technology Provider
  3. Locate and select MyRealPage
  4. Type the website domain you will be using
  5. Select “I want to use a filters…”
  6. Select your board
  7. Click to preview before saving



Add A Data Feed Screen

  1. Review the information
  2. Opt in to make any changes – then go back to step 4
  3. Read the terms of use
  4. Click to agree to the terms and save the data feed

Click here if you are looking to create a new DDF feed

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