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How Do Market Insight Reports Work?

Market Insight Reports are based on the previous 90 days of MLS data from the moment they are submitted. At this point we can not segment that data into smaller amounts of time.

It will only show data for those 90 days, it does not update with new MLS data as time goes on therefore this is a one time link that does not refresh.

Either the consumer or the realtor can create a new report for the same criteria but current for that date. We have included a feature that lets the consumer know when viewing a report if it is more than 15 days old. They can click this alert and request a current version.

The reports expire after 90 days. At that point it can left to expire, the consumer can request a new report or the realtor can activate a new report.

Be advised that as per the Real Estate Boards the reports are intended to be only for the consumer who requested the report. The report is not be shared with anyone other than the person requesting it.

In the case of report where the number listings meeting the criteria is greater than 100 the report will contain a random selection of 100 of the total listings. The listings in the report can not be manually selected or controlled. The associated data at the top of the report (average sale price, average sold price, days on market, total listings active and sold) are based on those 100 listings not the entire pool. A sample size of 100 listings is large enough that these data points will be very accurate but not precise.

Members of other boards can get on our waiting list. We’ll let you know as soon as your board allows Market Insight®.

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