Frequently Asked Questions About The WordPress Plugin

Before You Start, Here Is What You Need! (Click here for a starters checklist)

A WordPress 3.0 or later installation (the plugin has been tested on 3.0 and may not function on prior versions, but your mileage may vary. Share with us if you get it to work on earlier versions)

Ability to install custom plugins in your WordPress; if you host with, make sure your subscription plan includes that ability.

myRealPage Listings subscription at a minimum. If you have your website with myRealPage, then you also have Listings subscription. In order to sign up, drop us a line to or visit

Ability to run the WordPress from the “root” of your domain. This plugin cannot be used on WordPress installation based on sub-folder

You will need to have your account enabled for WordPress integration. Please send us an email to and request your account to be enabled. Please specify:

Your myRealPage username

The domain name of your WordPress blog

Before You Start, Here Is What You Need To Know!

This plugin has only been tested to work without styling issues on the default WordPress Themes such as TwentyTen, TwentyEleven & TwentyTwelve